Why cans (and not bags)?!

Good fucking question. The answer: recyclable and reusable packaging.

When we started out as a specialty bean shop, we quickly noticed just how much plastic waste is generated by conventional coffee packaging. Every month, we were buying and selling dozens of single-use, difficult to recycle bags. Those same bags of coffee likely ended up in landfills or incinerators after their contents were brewed.

A Zero-waste ready product

Instead of adding to the problem, we found that cans offered a unique alternative. They are not only easier to recycle with other aluminum, but they’re sturdy and reusable. That means most of our cans live several lives as storage containers, bookshelf accessories, and cactus pots. Long live the can!
Plus, we incentivize reuse through our refill program in Amsterdam: several of our regular customers come back weekly to refill their cans with fresh-roasted Fucking Strong Coffee, sparing hundreds of plastic bags in the process.

Recyclable and extends freshness

Reusable. The party ain’t over for your funky can. If you’re in Amsterdam, you can bring it back to our Good Beans shop for a discounted refill of fresh beans!
Resealable. Our cans are airtight and keep out the oxygen. Oxygen is what kills the freshness of roasted coffee. Our cans easy to seal back up, so your beans arrive as fresh as possible, and stay fresh longer. Just don’t forget to close it after your morning brew.
Recyclable. Most conventional specialty coffee bags comes include foil, flimsy plastic and paper. In contrast, our cans are easy to recycle with other aluminum, just take the paper label off first… and cherish it forever.
We hope you like our eco-friendly cans as much as we do!


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