Welcome To Good Beans Coffee!

Good Beans is run by a small, inspired group of humans from all over the map. We were drawn first to a tiny shop in Amsterdam. Then we stuck around to develop, deepen and spread a much bigger mission. We believe in making ethically-sourced coffee more approachable. Here’s a bit more about our three co-owners and coffee enthusiasts:

Cody Reid-Dodick, our fierce advocate of ethically-sourced coffee

The chatty American, Cody runs our coffee programming and keeps our branding fresh. He is determined to spread the resilient energy and progressive vision of the origin partners behind your delicious morning cup. You can find him most days in the shop, trying to hold court with our growing group of neighborhood regulars and talk passionately about the future of specialty coffee.

Harald Stangeland, our Scandinavian who lives and breathes recyclability

The stoic Norwegian, Harald is our operator. He handles all things finances, sales, and logistics. In other words, he keeps us marching, nay, cross-country skiing,  towards peak efficiency. He also coaches our very own handball team, in a desperate attempt to relive his days playing professionally (in his own opinion) up North. Reach out to him for wholesale inquiries and potential partnerships.


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